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Precise Eyeliner Pen

Precise Eyeliner Pen


Lightweight and comfortable, liquid eyeline6 with a soft cotton tip that softly outlines the lash line. Achieve a sharp wing for a dramatic effect with this high-pigment, waterproof liner that stays put all day for a smear-free, and run-resistant finish.



- Shake the Precise Eyeliner Pen before each use so formula saturates the felt tip. For best results: wipe tip with a damp tissue before applying to prevent build-up, which may cause the liner pen to dry out.
- Apply liquid liner on clean, dry skin (moisture can affect the wear).
- Point the tip towards the inner corner of the eye and lay flat along the lash line.
- Glide from the inner to the outer corners in a smooth, even motion, getting as close to the lashes as possible.
- For a precise thin line, apply one coat using the point of the tip.
- To thicken, turn the pen to angle tip on the side and layer.


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