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The Brand's Introduction

Mageline is a high-end cosmetics brand in China. Hubei Maijili Biotechnology Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, planning, and sales. It has independent R&D production bases in China and the United States, combining the luxury ingredients of natural plants with technology to create high-end skincare products.


Its 30-plus products cover skincare, make-up, and body care, etc. Because of its natural, safe, effective and good reputation, it is popular among many celebrities and beauty-loving women. Since its establishment, the brand has witnessed the beautiful transformation of thousands!

The Brand's Concept

Mageline adheres to the professional, perfect and elegant brand positioning. It aims to solve skin problems through its products, so that everyone can regain their self-confidence in the beauty of beauty, such as flowers as true, beautiful and blooming. Persist in showing true self, spreading confident brilliance, unremittingly pursuing beauty, mastering the fate of life!

Mageline advocates that when people face skin problems, they are no longer covered with strong makeup. Instead, they dare to look directly at and actively and effectively resolve and reshape healthy and natural skin. This is not only the maintenance attitude of self skin, but also Is a refined and beautiful philosophy of life!

R&D and Production

Maggie International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has an independent scientific laboratory in the United States. It brings together a wide range of talents in the field of international cosmetics research, combining biology, chemistry, dermatology, and nutrition to create a series of word-of-mouth products that are suitable for skin types. Hubei Jimei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Mageline brand to ensure product quality and supply and demand. The two companies are key to the core production and development of the Mageline brand.

Filling factory using 100000 grade clean dust-free workshop, the recipe to follow standards, all products from the product research and development, experiment and production are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, and approved by the relevant departments at the national institutes of health, for the record, all clinical trials must be approved and to ensure the safe and effective. Mageline products are healthy, environmentally friendly and natural in raw materials, especially for the maintenance of skin quality.

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