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Mageline Trilogy Nude Beauty Set

Mageline Trilogy Nude Beauty Set


Set Includes:


Extreme Balance Water: Efficient penetration of the subcutaneous structure deep hydration, while balancing the skins oil secretion of to effectively moisturize the skin. Contains witch hazel extract to reduce acne.


Youth Essence Concentrate: Rare plant essence that nourishes aging skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots, renews aging cells, and increases skin's elasticity.


Noble Lady Cream: Naturally brightens skin tone infused with natural extracts to rejuvenate aging skin and repair damaged skin tissue. Erases the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and pores, while improving skin's elasticity.

Balance Water:

Water, fission yeast, butanediol, polyglutamic acid, β-glucan, yeast polypeptide, mevalonolactone, LOTUS CORNICULATUS flower extract, etc.


Youth Essence Concentrate:

Water, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen, hydroxyethyl cellulose, arbutin, sodium hyaluronate, ginseng (PANAX GINSENG) root extract, etc.


Noble Lady Cream:

Water, glycerin, ginseng (PANAX GINSENG) root extract, hydrolyzed pearl, hydrolyzed placenta (sheep) extract, sodium hyaluronate, arbutin, etc.

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